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1) Sportina Express: (Livello Rosso: difficile) – Lunghezza: 2,73 Km – Dislivello: 525 m
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N° 1 Sportinia Express


Lunghezza: 2,73 km

Dislivello: 525 m

E’ qua che sentirai male alle mani se lo farai tutto d’un fiato,il percorso di Sauzefreeride con spirito downhill....

3) Karamell: (Red level) - length: 2,21km - difference: 484m

N°3 Karamell


Length: 2,21km

Difference: 484m

The oldest one, is dedicated to his creator, Paolo Caramellino, 1993 vice downhill world champion. During the years the line is been modified, with care at the maintenance. Old school and new school now are mixed together, looking for the best result!! 

4) Rocce Nere: (Red level) - length: 1,86km - difference: 267m

N°4 Rocce Nere


Length: 1,86km

Difference: 267m

The first one made from the very top, Rocce Nere, till Sportinia. A natural single track that leeds you down by field and forests, with a nice view on our beautifull mountains.

5) Rock Master: (Red level) - length: 0,93km - difference: 149m

N°5 Rock Master


Length: 0,93km 

Difference: 149m

The main track is with flow and gently turn. you can ride down here with speed, looking for the best line. But be careful, a lot of variants and trial spots are hidden by the trees!!

6) Pian della Rocca: (Red level) - length: 1,72km - difference: 263m

N°6 Pian della Rocca


Length: 1,72km

Difference: 263m

Drop, drop and more drop, this line was built for the high jump lovers. The drops are of every kind of difficul and however all avoidable.

7) Easy Clotes: (Blu level) - length: 1,40km - difference: 172m

N°7 Easy Clotes


Length: 1,40km

Difference: 172m

The easyest track in the park, for taste the freeride experience. Anyway also the expert can have fun, thanks to the jumps the parabolic turns, the step up and step down.

8) Unnamed: (Black level) - length: 055 km - difference: 123m

N°8 Unnamed


Length: 055 km

Difference: 123m

Short, steep and fast. a little variant at the end of the N°3

10) Fly To Bali: (Red level) - length: 2,20km - difference: 315m

N°10 Fly to Bali 


Length: 2,20 km

Difference: 315 m

A new kind of line, with jump, parabolics turns, step up, step down and all for your fun!! For every kind of bikers!! fun is guaranteed!!!

11) One Way Only: (Red level) - length: 1,13km - difference: 157m

N°11 One Way Only


Length: 1,13km

Difference: 157m

is the only possible way that link the Pian della Rocca trail (N° 6) with Easy clotes (N°7). This trail was made for need, but we built it looking for the best flow.

12) Supersauze: (Red level) - length: 2,67km - difference: 311m:

N°12 Supersauze


Length: 2,67km

Difference: 311m

This one was made for the Superenduro Pro race circuit; starting from Rocce Nere and linked with the N°6 in Pian della Rocca. One of the park's longer trail, that with the N° 6, N°11 and N°7 offer to you more than 1000mts difference.

13) Gouriun: (Red level) - length: 1,895km - difference: 328m

N°13 Gouriun:


Length: 1,895km

Difference: 328m

This one too was made for the Superenduro Pro race circuit, linked with N°4 and N° 3, is one of the longest trail into the park.


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